FRANK Community

Collaboratively driving UK’s art sector towards fair practice in the arts

FRANK brings together organisations, artists, galleries, to work collaboratively on creating fairer working practices in the arts

FRANK Community is composed of all members of FRANK, who are artists, and professionals from public art organisations, commercial galleries, and commissioning bodies, as well as independently working creative practitioners. 

FRANK Members pay an annual fee that enables them to access. This enables FRANK to work in a trusted environment, gather feedback and provide a safe space for continued discourse.

FRANK Community takes part in member-only workshops and contributes to FRANK Forums, supporting FRANK to shape FRANK Tools and identify new areas to support development of fair practice in the UK’s arts ecology.

As a FRANK Member, you will have access to: 

  • FRANK Tools
    FRANK Tools are accessible for all members with registered accounts on our database. 

    FRANK Tutorials are currently in production, which will provide further support in using FRANK Tools.
    Our FRANK community comprises artists, curators, creative professionals and representatives from art organisations, commercial galleries and funding bodies. 

    Pay to become a member and have access to FRANK's members-only section

    * For organisations, please sign up as your registered key contacts. If you need additional access to the FRANK Community, please email us at [email protected]

  • FRANK Workshops & FRANK Forums
    FRANK hosts online members-workshops, to collate valuable feedback on the effectiveness and relevance of FRANK tools. Dates of workshops are announced on FRANK Newsletters and FRANK Community Section.

    FRANK Forums are activated on a monthly basis. These forums provide opportunities to share your insights and responses. Findings from these forums are processed to detail and refine FRANK Tools and identify areas where FRANK can provide further guidance and support. 
  • FRANK Newsletter
    FRANK publishes newsletters every two months, to keep FRANK Members informed. 

    To ensure that you stay updated on FRANK news, workshops, and insights please double confirm your registered email with us.
  • FRANK Alliance
    From 2024 onwards, FRANK will publish a members logo and share with all members. Please use the members logo on your website and give a hyperlink to FRANK website. 

    FRANK is on Instagram as @frankfairartistpay, please connect with us here for updates if you have not already. FRANK will periodically share post templates for social media that can be utilised on your channels.